Marketing Tips For Photographers

Marketing effectively can be very expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Direct mail marketing actually can be very effective but also it can be costly and have some return when you are not careful. Marketing your photography business is essential if you want to make a decent living at it. If you have already identified your photography niche, here are some marketing tips that can be implemented quickly allowing you to get your business off and running.

Create a Business Website.

A photographer without a website is leaving money on the table. Websites are easy to create and don’t need to be incredibly detailed. When setting up your website, be sure to
include a photo of yourself, your contact information and any formal
education and experience that you have. You should also add a portfolio
to your site that includes photos you have taken.


Attend Tradeshows and Conferences.

Make it a point to participate in these types of events because it will expose you and your business and allow you to network with other professionals. You can also learn tips and
tricks from other photographers by visiting their booths. Conferences
allow you to stay up-to-date on the latest information in the field of


Add Photos to Stock Photo Sites

There are several stock photo sites online that allow you to submit stock photos.
Once approved these photos will be placed on their site for sale for
others to purchase. Each time one of your photos is purchased you will
earn money. The best part is that your name will appear with each photo
and if people love your work, they’ll keep coming back to you and get to
know you as a photographer. This will help you sell more photos and you
can sell the same photos over and over again.


Place the Ads in the Newspapers or the Magazines

Placing ads in these types of publications can give you a great advantage because your ad has the
potential to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people – depending on
where you publish. You’ll have a better chance of converting browsers
into buyers by placing ads in magazines where people are typically
looking for photographers. Great examples would be magazines having to
do with weddings, parenting and the outdoors.

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